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An intense exploration in hardcore bondage.

Female submissive sexual fantasies. Beautiful submissive women are dominated in bondage and fucked by strong men. The only website that produces genuine BDSM and hardcore sex together. Updates every week with original high quality videos and photos.

Authentic BDSM power play using metal and leather devices with real female submission

If they aren’t screaming from the shocks of the electricity they are begging for the orgasms to stop. Join now, and get access to the best BDSM electical fetish site on the web!!

The art of rope bondage

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CABO the Return, Part 5 incorporates disciplinary tactics.
04:23, 2009-Dec-8

Breast torture Women in bondage

Sample of female domination story: She arrived a few minutes early, picked up the note and the packages and disappeared with out sitting down. She did a lot more wiggling during this class and didn't leave the room during break. At the next class I left a note telling her to arrive five minutes early and bring both a vaginal and anal plug to the next class and left ten tacks and the itching powder. She also asked for more intense treatment of her breasts. ..

Hogtied continues to bring its members hot new faces, bound and helpless, for your pleasure. Welcome Sarah Blake: tiny, sexy, flexible, pretty, and super wicked HOT. Sometimes a shoot goes so well that when you go to edit it, you find yourself just watching it. Over an hour long, this update rocks as we explore every part of Sarah. From tickling and foot punishment, to hard core fucking machines, and many forced, hard orgasms. I can only say that Sarah was amazing and I hope you agree.

Women in bondage

Bound, gagged and helpless - a slave"s dream


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04:38, 2009-Dec-5

Severe tit torture Bdsm toys

I was just teasing you, he assured her. I know, she whispered. He nodded, she was right. Now, you remember what happened the last time we went through this? Bridgette pouted and nodded weakly. And knowing that, you told me about this anyway. She looked at him with slightly glassy eyes. James had to think about it for a long time while Bridgette just sat there staring into her coffee. She told him knowing that he would spank her. ..

When you pair up a hardcore submissive pain slut like Lorelei Lee with a skillful and creative domme like Claire Adams, you get a session that is captivating. This shoot is filled with moments of abundant pleasure and intense pain. Enjoy!

Bdsm toys

Real BDSM powerplay.


Audrey is a premiere dominatrix. She can be a naughty bitch.
04:25, 2009-Dec-5

Breast bondage Bdsm personals

A bit of female domination story: He wondered if she knew how to deep throat. He felt his cock sparkling with tension and knew he was about to cum. He didn't intend to allow her that victory. She gave a gasp of pain but made no attempt to pull his hand free. As he felt his cum begin he jerked her head back, pulling her lips off his mouth, replacing them with her fist. then he came, his sperm jetting out the tip and smacking into her forehead. ..

This BONUS weekend update is part 3 of a tutorial series that we have done for the membership. This third addition is a rope tutorial on a modified Sex postion. If you want to improve some rope skills take a look.

Bdsm personals

Submissive/beautiful women/slaves get hot in tight bondage


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02:29, 2009-Dec-4

Medieval torture Free bondage movies

Some female domination story: I was hot anyway, but looking at the head of this great cock was really turning me on. They didn't take any of the chips, though. When I did he took hold of one of my tits and freed it from he top. He began to explore me and when he found my G spot I nearly lost the chips, dip and everything else. As I writhed, impaled on the fingers but still holding the tray high, the third man said that's enough for now. ..

Rumor has it that Venus is fucking Audrey's man. With the help of Dragon Lily, they beat Venus into submission on a hot sunny day by the pool. Venus eventually cums while Dragon Lily sits on her face and Audrey fucks her in the ass with a big black strap-on cock.

Free bondage movies

Genuine power play

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Bobbi Starr in an emotionally draining BDSM live show.
02:17, 2009-Dec-4

Breast bondage Bondage anime

A bit of female domination story: I could smell her musky aroma. He then told me to kiss and lick her pussy. Then he shoved his giant, hard, throbbing cock up my pussy as far and hard as he could. I started moaning and licking her cunt. After a while of this he had me kneel right in front of him, and told me to jerk him off. Then he came all over my face. He pulled the other girl off, and had her kneel next to me and had her lick the rest of the cum off my face. ..

The live show continues with Devaun bent over, arms strappado and bound to a post, face down and forced to keep her ass up by a metal hook inserted in her rectum. While Devaun recovers from the ordeal, Andy's arms are chained and strapped outstretched, a heavy steel collar is locked around her neck and she is gagged tightly with a full head harness. She is attached to a pole by her neck, and left to kneel on a box, completely helpless as more painful clamps and weights are hung from her nipples. When a vibrator is pressed between her thighs, which are also strapped tightly together, the experience is initially pleasurable, forcing several orgasms out of her rigid body, but soon becomes a torment of its own - so much so that when Devaun is hoisted up in the air behind her in a straitjacket and lowered onto a Sybian, she doesn't even bat an eye or acknowledge the ear piercing screams that emit from Devaun's throat.

Bondage anime

Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

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xxx hardcore lesbian rape
11:25, 2009-Nov-30

Men in bondage Spanking stories

At one end were stirrups like one saw on the examining tables in the doctor's office. Hanging from the ceiling was a wooden swing seat, suspended by two lengths of rope and set off to one side of the table. She was not to wait long for some knowledge of what the different things were for, as she was told Go to the rope hanging from the ceiling Marion and hold on to it. Marion was afraid not to follow the orders and she walked over to the rope and reached up to grasp it with both hands. ..

Alexa Von Tess returns to Whippedass for more punishment and sexual domination with Aiden Starr. She is fisted for the first time while tied tight in rope bondage. She is also made to lick pussy and ass and to fuck with a dildo gag while bound in leather rope. This is a hot shoot with good chemistry!

Spanking stories

Masochistic women/slaves get bound/spanked

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10:54, 2009-Nov-29

Free spanking videos Nipple torture

I can't live without her. A few times, she let her skirt ride pretty well up her fleshy thighs, but being shy about a trucker looking into the car, she quickly rearranged it, offering me only maddeningly quick but delightfully sexy beaver shots of her panty-clad crotch, being sure to look at my eyes whenever she did to insure that her little accidents did not go unnoticed. m. When I carried the last bag through the door, I tossed it to the floor. ..

18 year old Jacqueline is brand spanking new to S&M. She is uncomfortable but deals with the punishment and humiliation the best that she can. DragonLily gives her a good spanking and forces Jacqueline to worship her feet, pussy and ass.

Nipple torture

WhippedAss: Real S&M. Pictures and videos of female domination, bondage, humiliation and whipping, spanking and caning.


Bobbi Starr suffers in severe steel endurance bondage cage.
09:36, 2009-Nov-28

Sexual torture Clip spanking

A piece of female domination story: Besides, men were such dull creatures. And travelling with two cute girls helped even more. She used everyone especially men. The oak panelled dining room, the white linen and silver on the tables, the well prepared meals, the desserts were mine to enjoy. She was standing by the ship's rail. Then, as she turned her face towards me, I saw the faint hint of recognition in her eyes. What if she pointed me out and complained that I was a pervert who took pictures of her. ..

Miss Kitty is a bondage model from the South who claims to like rough and kinky sex at home. That may be true, but she sure didn't know what she signed up for once we got her in the Device Bondage workshop.

Clip spanking

Our newest Kinky site where you can find high definition live shows of sexy woman being restrained and dominated like you have never seen before.

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Venus exhibits a rope tutorial on a modified Hogited.
06:28, 2009-Nov-28

Bondage galleries free Bondage cartoons

Little female domination story: He felt the whole world was against him, and something snapped in him. He turned his back on his dead mother, walked out of the house and apart from the funeral he never went back there again. It was a very well-to-do household and he drew his flick knife and menaced the couple who lived there until they gave him money. Then, just inches from the helpless man, Luigi fucked his wife in the arse, then in her cunt, pulling his cock out of her and spraying his spunk over the pair of them. ..

When real bondage meets a fantasy world this is what you get: Maya's beauty is stunning. She struggles in vain, as the masked figure takes her body to orgasmic climax after climax. Pain and pleasure mix and Maya rides the sensations 'til her body is exhausted. Tired and wet, she talks of her ordeal and looks forward to her return once again.

Bondage cartoons

Sexy women, helpless, and forced to orgasm


Hottie tied up an exotic suspension scene.
00:20, 2009-Nov-24

Gay male bondage Pantyhose bondage

A piece of female domination story: She had class all right. When she hit the cold leather top she let out a sigh and got settled down. What a sight. But not only was it clean, it was pierced. And to top it off there was a seamless gold chain running criss-cross through the gold rings in her outer lips. The gold chain also held in place a small gold plate the covered her clit tightly so she could not make any contact with it. Because of the chain her lips were so tight that she could only get her index finger in up to her second knuckle before the rings looked painfully tight. ..

Hogtied continues to deliver fresh young hot new faces. Welcome Gia Jordan, a true nymphomaniac in the purest definition. There is nothing fake about this girl. She loves sex! When she is not having sex, she's either masturbating or fantasizing about it. She makes a good little bondage model also. This was pretty much her first introduction to hardcore bondage. Tight elbows together bondage and a fucking machine drilling her ass makes for a great hogtied debut. Nice work Gia, hope we see you again.

Pantyhose bondage

Tight, inescapable bondage, (a slave"s dream)

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Ashely is a sexual sex kitten who is willing to try anything once
08:39, 2009-Nov-23

Bdsm cartoons Bondage photos

Sample of female domination story: As Michelle climbed on the bed I took the dildo and slipped it between Angelique's legs, watching her cunt expand to take it. I repeated this, moving a little faster each time until Angelique was arching up to meet the latex prick each time and there was frothy white cum all over the ersatz cock. Then I moved to Michelle, using a finger to wipe some of Angelique's cum onto Michelle's asshole. Probing her gently I was sure she could take the fake cock and I could see white pearls of her own cum leaking from her. ..

Kendra was stealing the company's top secret elevator plans only to be caught red-handed by Torque! After some initial play, she escapes onto the roof. Torque tracks her down and ties her to the neighboring building's window. Later she is tied to a beam and electric shock treatment teaches her the errors of her ways. Finally, Kendra gets a look at the elevator by being suspended in it.

Bondage photos

Submissive/beautiful women/slaves get hot in tight bondage

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Dana DeArmond in the Medieval Underground Catacombs.
09:46, 2009-Nov-20

Bondage fairies Bdsm comics

He won't be back until he agrees to take his punishment, which by now is adding up and compounding concepts you've learned in mathematics. He wants to play in the big game on next month. It rang and two minutes later, little Emily Farmer timidly came in. Go to your seat. After all, she's wasted everyone's time by arriving late this morning. Poor Emily was terrified. She'd have to see these kids again everyday for the whole year. ..

Kylie, 5 foot 1 inch, 110lbs, solid muscle, and flexible. This is her introduction to bondage. All I can say is.... welcome to Hogtied! It is safe to say that Kylie will be back!

Bdsm comics

Shaved, bound, helpless, and horny they beg for more

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Hailey Young and Ariel locked in severe steel bondage
05:56, 2009-Nov-20

Torture art Asian bondage

A bit of female domination story: She moved to Sue, who had taken up her quiet muttering again. I got on the bed and kneeled between the two of them. Linda looked on with eager anticipation as I jacked my cock above her face. Are you going to come on my face, Master? Yes, you little whore, how does that make you feel? Like the slut I want to be, Master. Come on my face, Master, mark your little slut as yours, come on my face, cover it with jizz, come on my face, come on my face, please, your little cunt slut wants it sooooo badly, it tastes so gooood, fuck, goddamn good, fuck, come on my face, come come come. ..

It`s hot in the small room. The lights give off waves of heat, slowly and steadily raising the temperature. My clothes are starting to stick to me and she hasnt arrived yet. By the time she finally shows up, sweat is beginning to drip into my eyes. She introduces herself and we briefly negotiate. She blows her nose and sniffles. I ask her about it and she says shes getting over a cold. She moves away and starts getting changed for the shoot. She makes small talk with some staff members. The conversation moves on to blowjobs somehow. She says shes embarrassed to watch her own porn. The shoot starts and I pick out equipment for the first scene. A collar, chain, manacles and metal bar to lock her body into a tight ball. A gag to make her drool. Tape with a rough, coarse surface to wrap around her fingers so wiping her nose will feel like sandpaper. A large mirror to force her to look at herself while a thick dildo takes turns fucking her mouth and her cunt. She squirms in a mixture of humiliation, discomfort and arousal, and cant resist when a vibrator is pressed against her clit. I let her orgasm once, then take the vibrator away.

Asian bondage

Metal, leather and wood like you ve never seen before

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Faith is back, supporting a new look and sexy as ever.
04:24, 2009-Nov-20

Latex bondage Bondage pics

Sample of female domination story: teased. kneeled on the floor, still shaking. quickly stripped off his clothing. You will not taste me before I take your ass. Is that understood? Yes, Sir, E. You may call me Sir now, but by the time I am finished with your ass, you will be moaning Master, R. the container of lubricant and A. He gently began to work the lubricant into E's asshole, first one finger, then with two. moaned as he did this and pushed back onto his fingers. ..

Another new face for Hogtied. Kelly likes bondage - it turns her on to fight. She loves roll-playing the victim. Sexy and tough, she takes some very hard bondage positions and foot punishment. After the shoot she admits that she will definitely do more bondage in her private life. Another Hogtied success story.

Bondage pics

Writhing/twisting/struggling orgasms in (tight) bondage

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yesbra lesbians rape
01:36, 2009-Nov-20

Lesbian bdsm Torture art

A piece of female domination story: You've got your pants around your ankles and are standing in front of me. You aren't hard at first the spanking hurt a hell of a lot and all you feel at first is anger and humiliation but now your ass feels very, very hot. I'm glad that you're not hard yet, I like the having all of you in my mouth. I want my mouth to feel like a warm bath. You're leaning against the desk can hardly stand and the warmth of your well-spanked ass is reciprocated by the warmth of my oh-so-practiced mouth. ..

Kym takes Neeka out to the pier to punish her. Making her strip in the San Francisco Fog would be torture enough for many women. Kym adds to Neekas discomfort with her own brand of verbal humiliation and whipping.

Torture art

Real BDSM powerplay.

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Xena turns a bondage game into something more sinister.
08:43, 2009-Nov-16

Breast bondage Anime bondage

Sample of female domination story: I can't wait! Finally, six o'clock came. The door was opened immediately, and I saw Richard standing in a long hallway, wearing an impeccable Italian-cut suit. The expression on his face, though, wasn't happy. He motioned me to enter a living room that was just off the hallway. You are almost two minutes late! he growled at me, glowering. You should have thought to ask me what time it was by my watch when we made the agreement to meet at six o'clock. ..

Sierra comes to us a second time. We know she loves bondage, so we put it to her with the rope. Her big Double D breasts are used in some very creative ways. At the end she takes a tour of our construction zone in the building, where she meets our true life contractors, what happens next is classic.

Anime bondage

Submissive/beautiful women/slaves get hot in tight bondage

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